Numerical recipes in C - W.H. Press and others

Numerical recipes in C
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Without an additional license to use the contained software, this book is intended as a text and reference book, purposes only for reading. A free license for limited use of the software by the individual owner of a copy of this book who personally types one or more routines into a single computer is granted under terms described on p. xvii. See the section "License Information" (pp. xvi-xviii) for information on obtaining more general licenses at low cost. Machine-readable media containing the software in this book, with included licenses for use on a single screen, are available from Cambridge University Press. See the order form at the back of the book, email to "" (North America) or "" (rest of world), or write to Cambridge University Press, 110 Midland Avenue, Port Chester, NY 10573 (USA), for further information. The software may also be downloaded, with immediate of purchase a license also possible, from the Numerical Recipes Software Web Site ( Unlicensed transfer of Numerical Recipes programs to any other format, or to any computer except one that is specifically licensed, is strictly prohibited. Technical questions corrections, and requests for information should be addressed to Numerical Recipes Software, P.O. Box 380243, Cambridge, MA 02238-0243 (USA), email "", or fax 781 863-1739..
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